Shades of Viscain

Ghost Squad: The Sinzer Rebellion
Viscain Year 9,367 
When Ghost Squad leader Geiss Sinzer goes to the planet of his parents' death to pay his respects, he learns more about them than he—or the Emperor—ever intended.
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Ghost Squad: Kalkin's Dilemma
Viscain Year 10,500
Top student Lor Kalkin's graduation from the Locsard Psychic Academy goes off without a hitch.  The day after has a catastrophic snag, however, that will forever change him and the Empire both.
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Blue Squad: One Last Go
Viscain Year 10,923
In the midst of eternity, Dolma Set, who has everything but the one thing he wants, is having trouble coping one day to the next. All he needs is a change.
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