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The Viscain Empire...
More than ten thousand years ago, a voracious god born of the Viscain Tree set out from his own desiccated world to feed upon the bounty of the universe. He called himself Samhain and wherever he went his super-powered emissaries—Shades—laid waste to any resistance a civilization could muster. In this manner, countless worlds have been stolen, each connected by the Viscain Tree, now a massive vine and umbilical tether that yanks planets from their orbits and robs suns of their light. To trace the Vine back to its source is to traverse a vein of rot irrevocably rooted in the heart of the universe, all the way back to the dead planet of Samhain's origin. As miracles are the stuff of gods, physical laws are easily bent or broken where Samhain has left his mark.

Approaching Infinity is a planned 7-book science fiction series covering Jav Holson's career from year 10,682 to 10,923 as a Shade of the Viscain Empire.

Shades of Viscain is a series of short stories that focuses on Shades who do not feature prominently within, or on incidents that fall outside the time line covered by, the Approaching Infinity series.