Friday, September 23, 2011

Salton Stoakes

General, 19th Generation, Retired
Category: F-Gene Fighter
Discipline: The Longsword Knife, Secret Sword

Height: 165 cm
Weight: 70 kg
Gravity Rank: 25
RPP: 1,750
RMP: 100
Birthdate: 9,794.356

Artifact: Suicide Knife
Artifact Rank: 20
Dark RPP: 35,000
Dark RMP: 2,000

Active Dates: 9,850-10,350
Residence: 1026

While Dark with the Suicide Knife, Stoakes is sheathed in shadow and seems to possess little substance; he is more like a dark, animate mist, though he is in fact solid at his core.  In this state he weighs a single kilogram and can float given strong enough winds or thermals.

Though Stoakes is an accomplished, self-taught fighter, the Suicide Knife has the ability to capture the image of up to 20,000 individuals via the Midnight Mirror and subject them to mass suicide.  When an image is recorded upon the blade's surface, Stoakes stabs himself to have the effects dealt to the reflections' owners.

The Knife provides other powers that, combined with Stoakes's skill, have made him quite useful to the Emperor as a covert operator, even in his retirement.