Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Stafros Lowe

Specialist, Blue Squad, Retired
Category: F-Gene Fighter
Discipline: Lead Cloud Steps

Height: 190 cm
Weight: 82 kg
Gravity Rank: 25
RPP: 2,050
RMP: 100
Birthdate: 9,471.142

Artifact: Eternal Spring
Artifact Rank: 20
Dark RPP: 41,000
Dark RMP: 2,000

Active Dates: 9,500-10,000
Residence: Planet 815

While Dark, Lowe is an anthropomorphic frog with metallic, electric blue skin. His eyes are strangely faceted yellow-green gems. He has a three-meter long tongue with a bony harpoon tip which can be launched with deadly speed, force, and accuracy. At each shoulder is a sealable "pod" that houses 7 launch tubes which can fire pollywog drones. These drones can act as fairly slow smart bombs—they can fly or swim to designated targets—detonating on impact, or they can, in two minutes, "evolve" into simple copies of Lowe (up to a total of 140 copies at one time, each with an RPP of 8,200) who will brawl until their allotted lifespan of one hour is up and they explode. The smart bombs' explosions are twice as strong as the copies. Though through his martial art Lowe can effectively fly, the Eternal Spring grants him phenomenal leaping ability, which allows him to cover more distance more quickly.

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