Monday, July 25, 2011

Tia Winn

General, 20th Generation
Category: Psychic
Discipline: Dream Control

Height: 215 cm
Weight: 80 kg
Gravity Rank: 10
RPP: 800
RMP: 4,000
Birthdate: 10,326.192

Artifact: Keepsake Cameo
Artifact Rank: 18
Dark RPP: 14,400
Dark RMP: 72,000

Active Dates: 10,350-Current
Residence: Root Palace

As is the case with many psychics, Tia Winn does not have a separate Darkened state, but had her skin permanently bleached by her Artifact when she received it.

The Keepsake Cameo significantly boosts Tia's innate ability to create, enter into, and control the dreams of others, enabling her to create a shared experience for up to 36,000 people. Her dreams are vivid and memorable, but if they lead to violence or death, the victims suffer the same fate.

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