Sunday, June 26, 2011

Ten Thousand Paths

An unarmed martial arts system organized by Ren Fauer between 10,680 and 10,688, consisting of Approaching Infinity techniques, most of which focus on movement.

The style is essentially free-form with the practitioner "flipping" upon any axis imagined on his body for tactical advantage. During a fight, gravity has little meaning to the practitioner, who finds himself in potentially odd positions in relation to his opponent: putting himself in place for a sudden and unexpected strike or moving into positions--that would normally be physically impossible--to avoid strikes. In this way, the Ten Thousand Paths evenly and effectively balances offense and defense.

The most advanced technique, the Crush Driver, is like a one-man mob with the practitioner constantly flipping around his opponent, but always close: striking, moving, striking, moving until the the opponent falls.

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