Thursday, June 23, 2011

Single Element Ghost Sword

A martial arts system utilizing long, slender blades--single or double edged--overtly characterized by speed and precision. It was developed by Isker Vays and instituted in the year 9,901.

While Vays's style does rely on formalized routines for training, these are to cultivate in the practitioner a greater intuitive awareness of the world around him. Through further meditative means, the practitioner is able to "feel" the world around him, to acknowledge his relationship to every element of that discernible world, and ultimately, to "add" those elements his blade, empowering it substantially.  A properly executed Union Blade, the zenith of the Single Element Ghost Sword techniques, can inflict terrible damage, even with no physical strength behind it. Similarly, the quality or composition of the physical blade contributes nothing to the potency of the strike, and in fact Vays's preferred weapon throughout his career was less a sword than an unbreakable reed. The stroke with which the Union Blade can be delivered is restricted only by the skill of the practitioner.

Some of the core training sets are:
1. Knock
2. Star Factory
3. Eight Figure Eights
4. Blind Man's Progress
5. The World (Union Blade)

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