Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Rush Hands

A simple but effective martial art built upon Vacuum Drag techniques and consisting of ten unarmed fighting routines.

Rush Hands was actually the first attempt to collect and codify all the empty hand Vacuum Drag techniques into one cohesive system, and was instituted in the year 455 by Marcan Vostof.

Rush Hands is very straight forward, using built up air pressure and the sudden production of a vacuum-like state to cut through substances as hard as steel.

These are the sets in the order they are to be learned, each one more complex and difficult to master than the one before it.

1. Bending the Wind
2. H Pattern
3. Eight Hands
4. Following Hands
5. Invisible Hands
6. Cross Pattern
7. Aiding the Wind on Its Way to Heaven
8. Drawing Emptiness
9. Emptiness Triumphs Over All
10. Storm Crushing Cross Hands

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