Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Nine Order Fist

A largely meditative martial art that doesn't teach combat skills per se, but trains the body to follow the mind to new heights of destructive power. It is perhaps the oldest martial art with its roots long forgotten.

The practitioner of the Nine Order Fist will concentrate to gather power in the arms, either to deliver a devastating punch or to defend against a similarly powerful strike. Experts can do both simultaneously, using one arm for offense and the other for defense. Because of this, the style is sometimes called the Hammer and Shield Fist, but has also been simply referred to as Heavy Fist. The system's main drawback is that it requires time to build up the girding power that makes it so deadly, but while practitioners may appear to be slow, they are in fact known for their methodical and calculating approach, remaining on the defensive only long enough to power up a decisive strike.

The Nine Order Fist is governed by The Nine Second Rule, which states that a practitioner, regardless of his or her skill, requires nine seconds of concentration before reaching maximum power to use for a strike or to defend.

They system is composed of Orders and Magnitudes.  As an example, the master's scale has been provided:

Order    Magnitude    Time Required
1            9 (.9=1)          0-1"
2            9 (1.8)            2"
3            9 (2.7)            3"
4            9 (3.6)            4"
5            9 (4.5)            5"
6            9 (5.4)            6"
7            9 (6.3)            7"
8            9 (7.2)            8"
9            9 (8.1)            9"

The number in parentheses is a multiplier (unmodified by existing conditions or any other of the practitioner's martial skills) for how much raw kinetic energy may be delivered or countered.

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