Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Locsard Psychic Academy

Founded by Velt Locsard in the year 526 to educate young psychics and train them to develop their innate abilities. 

Initially, the Academy was housed in the Root Palace, always moving with the Empire's frontier, but later a permanent location was established on Planet 517 to accommodate growth and allow for further expansion. Over the course of its long history, many Shades--both before and after retirement--have acted as professors at the Academy.

In the year 10,500 the Academy was destroyed by the renegade Shade-turned-terrorist, Geiss Sinzer. Miraculously, only 17 students were unaccounted for following the destruction. The Academy was reestablished on Planet 1051, with only a small, 1-year break in academic service.

Though the Empire continues to expand, the number of students remains fairly constant at about a thousand, plus or minus one or two hundred for any given year.

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