Monday, June 20, 2011

Lead Cloud Steps

A martial arts system consisting of three fairly long unarmed fighting routines, renowned for its stance work and fast, heavy kicks.

Exponents of the Lead Cloud Steps combine strength training, stance practice, and breathing exercises to build up their legs and develop devastating kicking power.  This regimen has the added benefit of making them exceedingly light and fast, and at more advanced levels, allows them to defy gravity and even fly to a limited degree.

Lead Cloud Steps predates the Empire and has its roots in a long defunct religious practice. It is made up of three unnamed sets which are begun with invocations to the god Kar Ahn.

1. Bal Kom Nis Kar Ahn!
    (Praise Kar Ahn in his boundless strength!)
2. Kii Soh Nis Kar Ahn!
    (Praise Kar Ahn, whose vengeful wrath is my shield!)
3. Sai Sen! Kar Ahn!
    (Transformed! I am Kar Ahn!)

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