Monday, June 6, 2011

Jump Ship

Vessels capable of flight on their own power, but primarily used for long-range jump deck to jump deck transportation.

Initially, these ships were meant to lessen the danger posed by the instabilities often encountered during the early days of jump deck travel. Because of this, jump ships are designed to operate in any environment, and, so, are heavily armored and equipped with sophisticated electromagnetic shields that make them nearly invulnerable. In addition to standard navigation capabilities, jump ships are, of course, equipped to access and control jump deck protocols.

All jump ships follow the same basic design archetype--stacked triangular or pyramidal shapes--with minor variations to account for size, speed, or other custom requirements.  The overlapping edges of these pyramid shapes vibrate at a particular frequency and interact with the engines, producing the phenomenon known as resonant lift.  With virtually no power, these ships can remain aloft almost indefinitely.

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