Sunday, June 19, 2011

Eighteen Heavenly Claws

A martial arts system consisting of nine unarmed fighting routines based on the movements of three mythical animals. Contained within these sets are eighteen different claw hand techniques, which is how the style got its name.

The system is characterized by the following core statements and comprised of the sets listed thereafter.

The Tiger roams the land, is grounded and represents strength and endurance.
The Eagle soars through the sky, is free and represents speed and intent.
The Dragon sports in heaven, rules over all and represents spirit and enlightenment.

1.  Tiger Stretches Its Limbs
2.  Tiger Reveals Its Strength
3.  Tiger Stalks Its Prey
4.  Eagle Defends Its Nest
5.  Eagle Clears the Marsh
6.  Eagle Crushes Demons
7.  Dragon Perceives Truth
8.  Dragon Dances on Raindrops
9.  Dragon Grasps Infinity

Approaching Infinity techniques are featured in the last three (dragon) sets and are the most difficult to master.

The system predates the Empire, but was popularized and made famous by Laedra Hol during her career as First Specialist of the Triangle Squad.  During that time, the Eighteen Heavenly Claws became briefly--and mistakenly--known as a woman's style, mostly because of Hol's unrivaled expertise.

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