Thursday, May 26, 2011

Approaching Infinity

A series of mental exercises included as secondary training in a number of martial arts that enables the practitioner to affect the physical world by manipulating space, in a virtual sense, in the mind.  Only those with the F-Gene are able to effectively use Approaching Infinity, or AI, but some psychics have shown a natural aptitude for what Approaching Infinity theory teaches.

The benefits of AI have been most clearly demonstrated in augmenting physical striking power. At the last millisecond before landing a strike, the practitioner visualizes the space between fist and target halving, then halving again, then halving again, and so on as the fist continues on towards its target, ever increasing in velocity and acquiring more and more mass, but never making contact, until finally the practitioner exceeds infinity and delivers the strike with devastating results.

Other uses for AI include movement, both subtle and on a grand scale, reducing the velocity of objects or projectiles, and even being in two places at the same time.

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