Friday, May 27, 2011

Jav Holson

Height: 172 cm 
Weight: 73 kg
Gravity Rank: ?
RPP: ?
RMP: 500
Birthdate: ?????.???

Artifact: Ritual Mask
Artifact Rank: 15 (30)
Dark RPP: ?
Dark RMP: 7,500 (15,000)
Artifact Award Date: 10682.031

Category: F-Gene Fighter, Superior Grade
Discipline: 18 Heavenly Claws

Rank: Specialist, Plague Squad

Residence: Planet 1287

The Ritual Mask, though a non-permanent Artifact, gives Jav a number of notable abilities. Like all Artifacts, it augments Jav physically by a factor equal to its rank.  In addition, the Ritual Mask is capable of initiating the Mikai Curse, which cycles up in intensity, forcibly wrenching blood--spilled and readily available or through the very pores of the skin--from all living things in a 200 meter radius. This blood is drawn directly into the Mask until the Mask is satiated and reaches its maximum, doubled potential. So far, Jav has had little success in controlling himself while Dark with the Ritual Mask.

In addition, as a non-permanent Artifact, the Ritual Mask has a finite amount of power and will ultimately fail, taking Jav along with it when it expires--unless he can win the Artifact Competition to be held in 10,688.

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